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Live Chat

Give customers a great experience by chatting with them in real time
Digital Marketing Manager, Bittestan

We used another service for online chat on the Bittestan website for a year; during that time, the service was repeatedly interrupted. In addition to ourselves, our customers were upset by this and we were looking for a better service. After finding Imber, I am glad we were no longer in a definite situation, and the ease of use of the panel and the responsive support made us loyal Imber customers. . .

Digital Marketing Manager, Bittestan
Bahman HabibiDigital Marketing Manager, Bittestan


Create departments so that users can connect to them automatically or optionally.

Canned responses

Save canned responses in the panel, so you can simply send them to customers each time.

Multimedia messages

Send and receive text, audio or video messages to communicate more effectively with users.
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Custom domain

Your Knowledge Base can be customized and hosted on a custom domain.

Display in chat widget

You can display the most popular articles in the chat widget so that users can search for their questions.


View article traffic statistics and user satisfaction rates and improve your tutorials.

Knowledge Base

Provide your help articles in a categorized manner so that users can find their answers faster.
Founder and CEO of Virgool

Providing the conditions would encourage users to help themselves. As Virgool has a large number of daily users, its operators are looking for the same thing. As important as face-to-face interaction or dynamic responsiveness is to the customer experience, the ability to receive a quick response is also a priority. This is why we use the Imber knowledge base feature in Virgool.

Founder and CEO of Virgool
Ali AjodanianFounder and CEO of Virgool
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Increase the quality of your support and sales using statistics and reports.
CTO of Sahamyab

Excellent team and service. For our customers and partners, Imber's online support service is a fantastic experience. Besides good service, we have received the best support from Imber and this is the biggest selling point of this product. Imber services are highly recommended.

CTO of Sahamyab
Ali KhosraviCTO of Sahamyab


Measure and improve the satisfaction level of customers with your support service..

Operators & Conversation

You can check all the operators and conversations statistics and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Live statistics

Live statistics help you to track the number of people visiting the site pages as well as their country of origin.
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Merge your communication channels using integrations

Don't limit yourself to Imber's features; utilize other systems to increase the quality of your customer service.
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Imber helps businesses to have a close relationship with their customers, by offering products such as Live Chat and Knowledge Base.

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