Make All Customer Interactions Unforgettable!

Imber helps you to build a close relationship with your customers, train them, and finally turn them into loyal customers.

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Using Imber you can communicate with your customers and watch your sales go through the roof.

Be Data-driven

Monitor your customers, analyze them, and improve your sales and customer relationship strategies based on these data.

Be Proactive

You pre-empt customer inquiries before they get to you. You can share documentation before the customer asks for it. You can onboard your customers and provide ongoing education so that they are empowered to solve their issues themselves.

Built for customer support, sales, and marketing. All together.

By offering different products, we help your business to be with your customers throughout the customer journey and ultimately turn them into loyal and regular customers.

Live chat makes an instant and fast connection between you and your customers.
You will have a categorized list of your users, leads and customers and you can also create a custom profile for each user and followup them.
Set up a central place for your customers and employees to find their answers

Powerful Applications for Fast and Steady Response

Imber with comprehensive applications, helps you to respond to your customers as quickly as possible.

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Canned Responses

By defining Canned responses, you can prepare answers to frequently asked questions and send them to the user with just one click.

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User Information

By sending user information through the API or forms and viewing it in the applications, you can talk to your users with more Knowledge Base.

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Filtered Conversations

All conversations are categorized into three sections (Pending, Ongoing and All).

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Send Reach Messages

You can communicate better and more effective with your users by sending voice, text, video and photo messages.

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Submit a variety of personalized suggestions based on users' geographical location.

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All Imber products are at your disposal in one panel, you can get help from other Imber products for better communication.


Hook Customers Right Away!

Sending targeted content, in the right way, at the right time is one of the biggest priorities of the Customer Success team.

Different types of Hooks

Different hooks help you increase your interactions with your customers up to 10 times!

Beyond Text Messages

Send automated and multimedia messages to attract more customers for your company.

Knowledge Base

Quick answers for customers, fewer questions for your team

Knowledge Base helps your customers to find their answers during your office hours and also when you are away from desk.

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Measure CSAT in Every Interaction!

CSAT is short for ‘customer satisfaction’ and is a key performance indicator that tracks how satisfied customers are with your customer service.

Best way to end conversations

Instead of saying a simple “have a nice day!”, ask your customer for a review and show them you care about their feedbacks.

Check Your Progress

See how is the improvement process going? as the survey can happen multiple time as customers might have several interactions at the same or multiple time.

Sitting on the fence? 😉

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