About us

Who we are?

One of the biggest challenges of online business is attracting and retaining, he noted. Both have complexity for the business and do not have a comprehensive and integrated system that does all the communication with the customer and provides the information that results in dissatisfaction. Imber's main goal is to provide a comprehensive customer relationship service that rewards multiple products within itself and integrates management and communication through its use. Imber helps businesses stay with you throughout the customer journey by offering products such as online chat, CRM, knowledge base (knowledge base) and other products such as hooks for customer use or boarding a new aircraft.

Also, if you are a start-up business and have not yet come up with a solution for your customer relationship strategy, you can contact Imber Consultants for free to advise you on strategies that are right for your business.

We are here to help you create satisfied, successful and loyal customers for your business. 😉