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​​Improve your CSAT with live chat

Imber live chat helps you to always be with your customers and increase their level of satisfaction.

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Skyrocket Your Sales

According to research, live chat is one of the most important tools in selling online services, you could make an amazing interaction with your customers, offer great recomendation and multiply your selling.

✔️ Free 7 day trial (No credit card required)

Powerful applications for fast and uninterrupted response

Imber with comprehensive applications, helps you to respond to your customers as quickly as possible.

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Canned responses

By defining Canned responses, you can prepare answers to frequently asked questions and send them to the user with just one click.

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User information

By sending user information through the API or forms and viewing it in the applications, you can talk to your users with more knowledge.

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Filtered conversations

All conversations are displayed in categories (pending, My Conversations and All Conversations).

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Send reach messages

You can communicate better and more effectively with your users by sending voice, text, video and photo messages.

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Submit a variety of personalized suggestions based on users' geographical location.

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All in one

All Imber products are at your disposal in one panel, you can get help from other Imber products for better communication.

iOS & Android applications

Be available everywhere!

Be available with Imber mobile applications everytime everywhere and never loose single notification.


Frequently Asked Questions about live chat

Live chat is a tool to communicate with your website users. This channel has the highest level of satisfaction as well as the usage by consumers. 38% of users are more likely to buy from websites that provide live chat.
Live chat helps you to build an intimate relationship with users, gain their trust, and increase your sale and conversion rate. It also helps you reduce support costs significantly.
You can sign up Imber for free and start using all the features and products for 7 day trial. then you can purchase one of our packages